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EXAME is the most important printed and digital magazine in Brazil when it comes to business. Their analysis and reporting covers global economics, politics and trends, as well as business.


Website with daily content on Brazilian retail


Content platform with weekly program displayed on Record News. Aimed at the retail segment, e-commerce, franchises, shopping mall and food service, as well as a news portal with exclusive articles addressing issues of retail and worldwide consumption.

Furniture Of Valor - Inalva

With the commitment to integrate all the links of the furniture community, the magazine Móveis de Valor takes quality content, helping the entrepreneur / reader to make the best decisions. With 18 years in the market and national circulation, the magazine MV differentiates by its comprehensive, independent, intelligent and analytical journalism. With an audited draft and digital version, the magazine reaches suppliers, industry, retail and professional public.

pharmacy magazine

Quarterly publication destined to the professionals of the pharmaceutical retailer.

Global Retail News - Gouvêa de Souza

Global Retail News, the world's only monthly retail digest in 45 countries, covers all retail sectors (food, DIY, fashion, etc). It provides a global perspective and insights on retail matters. Our readers are top retail executives eager to save time.

GM7_Group - Bianca Carvalho

The GM7 Group is divided into three segments: the GM7 Digital Experience, with Corporate Signage Digital TV solutions for the point of sale and inside the company, with interactive and innovative solutions. GM7 Digital Media Out Of Home, with professional monitors for sale of media in commercial establishments, has a strong affiliate network in the interior of São Paulo, with focus on the metropolitan region of Campinas; and, finally, Infinity Design, a motion graphics content producer specializing in the production of digital signage and media out of home content.

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